The Chaos Orcs Fest


2023 Italian Nationals

Bologna, Italy Sat 25-Sun 26 November, 2023

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About the Festival

It's all about the Gathering

For the first time in a community event, the Chaos Orcs Fest brings together the Premodern and the Old School Magic the Gathering players in a two-days festival featuring the Italian Nationals tournaments, and side games. The event is organized by volunteers from Premodern Italia and The Order of the Orb, hoping to have two days full of fun, and lots of MTG. In the end, it's always about the Gathering!.

Chaos Orcs ? WTF?: The Italian Premodern Nationals 2022 used Orcish Conscripts as a mascotte! This year those Orcs became more chaotic than ever (in the dumbest way possible! ) 🤌 🍝 🍕 ... (no spoilers yet.. but stay tuned!)

Why the Two Towers for the Italian Nationals ? Representing the PM and OS communities we chose the Phyrexian Tower and the Ivory Tower, in a LOTR fashion. Besides, the two towers is the symbol of the city hosting the event: Bologna: Two Towers of Bologna.

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Cups of Coffee

Hours of Sleepless nights

Hours of endless Discussions


Announcements and Latest Updates

Wed 15 November 2023

Huge thanks to sono_alterato for joining us as guest artist in the most chaotic orcish weekend! #guests

Mon 23 October 2023

First round of prizes for the TOP8 at the Italian Premodern Nationals annouced! Check out the grid here! #prizes.

Fri 13 October 2023

It is now possible to donate to support the Chaos Orcs Fest! Check out #donate.

Fri 13 October 2023

The festival has changed Location (still in Bologna, no worries!) #location.

Fri 13 October 2023

Ticket prices have been reduced for Italian Nationals! #tournaments.


Orcish Conscripts

The first joint Italian Nationals for Premodern and Old School

Chaos Orcs Fest brings together the Premodern and the Old School MTG communities!

Italian Nationals and more...

Italian Nationals for Premodern (day 1) and Old School (day 2) will be the two main events at the festival. Nonetheless, many side events will be featured and organised to be played after SWISS rounds, to never get bored.

Live Streaming during the festival

The Nationals will be streamed live on internet. We will post all the information on the website in due course.

Artists and Invited Guests

Artists and Invited Guests will be staying with us at the venue for the whole festival.

A whole new space for the MTG community

The new venue for the festival will be offering space for community organised activities, such as card trades, or improvised games. Bring your best ideas to have fun together.

Join the Lair of Orcs

We have created a Lair of Chaotic Orcs for easier communication with all participants. So please join the server (if you haven't already), regardless you're planning to play at any tournament. We would love to have you as a fellow Resident Chaos Orc.


Circolo ARCI "Benassi"

Viale Sergio Cavina, 4, 40139 - Bologna, Italy

Invited Guests

Florinda Zanetti Profile pic

Florinda Zanetti



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Supporter Orcs

Big thanks to our Supporter Orcs

Chaos Orcs is (and always will be) a no-profit event organized by the community, and for the community.
All the revenues from event registrations are solely used to cover organizing costs, and prizes!.
Please click #donate   if you wish to support The Chaos Orcs Fest, and join the Supporter Orcs!

Public shout out to our beloved Supporter Orcs from the community

Orcish Artillery - Alessandro Guida-@Kotton89

Alessandro Guida


Donated Memorabilia

Orcish Artillery
Orcish Librarian - Matteo Gallo-@MatteoGalloLux

Matteo Gallo


Donated € 20.00

Happy to donate my ticket refund to support future Chaos Orcs Fests!

Orcish Librarian
Orcish Artillery - Federico-@Federico Rocchi


@Federico Rocchi

Donated Memorabilia

Non fatevi troppo male quando le tappate, mi raccomando!

Orcish Artillery
Orcish Spy (B) - Isacco Pattini

Isacco Pattini

Donated € 10.00 (from ticket refund)

Orcish Spy (B)
Orcish Spy (B) - Marco Berlusconi

Marco Berlusconi

Donated € 5.00 (from ticket refund)

Orcish Spy (B)
Orcish Spy (B) - Andrea Zanoletti

Andrea Zanoletti

Donated € 5.00 (from ticket refund)

Orcish Spy (B)
Orcish Spy (B) - Federico Macalli

Federico Macalli

Donated € 10.00 (from ticket refund)

Orcish Spy (B)
Orcish Spy (B) - Mattia Vacchini

Mattia Vacchini

Donated € 5.00 (from ticket refund)

Orcish Spy (B)
Orcish Librarian - Alessandro Guida

Alessandro Guida

Donated € 10.00 (from ticket refund)

Orcish Librarian
Orcish Spy (B) - Roberto Manzini

Roberto Manzini

Donated € 5.00 (from ticket refund)

Orcish Spy (B)
Orcish Conscript (Colander) - Sandrillo-@Sandrillo



Donated Memorabilia

May the "pezzenza" be with you!

Orcish Conscript (Colander)
Orcish Conscript (Nose picker) - Mattia-@Tia



Donated Memorabilia

I wanted to call the event Rishadan pORCS but they did not allow me. I am donating this prize in a plain attempt to corrupt the other TOs in order to change the name of the next edition.

Orcish Conscript (Nose picker)
Orcish Mechanics - gabriele squaratti

Gabriele Squaratti

Donated € 10.00 (from ticket refund)

Orcish Mechanics

Team a.k.a. Orgs Orcs

If you're ever wondering who's behind this mess

Giamma a.k.a. Trando

Chaos Orc King Deck: Gro-A-Tog

I am the Mastermind behind the Chaos Orcs Fest, and the left rump, with the Kraken!

Valerio a.k.a. lotus_vale

Chaos Orc Duke Deck: Turtle Splash

I am the Mastermind behind the Chaos Orcs Fest, and the right rump, with Dreadnought

Mattia a.k.a. Tia

Eccentric Chaos Orc Deck: Stasis (And People Stopped Talking To Me)

I am the Mad Artist behind the Chaos Orcs logo (and more.. just wait and see!).. and now folks talk to me again.

Federico a.k.a. Fede

Nitpicking Chaos Orc Wizard Deck: Enchantress (W/ Diagonal Combos)

Oracle of truth, neat Architect by day, nitpicking Enchanter by night! I know ways of deck-pics!

Daniele a.k.a. Dany

Orc of the Orb Deck: **The** Deck

To me it is only Ironclaw Orcs!

Alessandro a.k.a. Ale

Chaos Orc Shaman, and great performer Deck: Reanimator

Coming up with the name for this event was the best idea I've ever had in my life

Giulio a.k.a. Anji

Resident Chaos Orc Deck: The Form Of The Anji

I have no idea why I am here!

Fabrizio a.k.a. Fabri

Casual Chaos Orc Deck: Ankh Tide

I am the most orcish of everyone. Orcish Settlers style.

Sponsors & Supporting Vendors

Sky Guild - Supporting Vendor

Sky Guild Supporting Vendor

Cardmarket - Orcish Librarian

Cardmarket Orcish Librarian


Frequently Asked Questions

Generally we admit Gold-bordered cards to be used during tournament play, but we discourage using any non-WOTC card products (i.e., fake cads!). However, please double check the requirements in the Rules section of each tournament page for further information.

No. Registrations to tournaments and side events have to be done separately for the time being. So please register to every single tournament you wish to participate to. This is also beacuse registration to multiple events may be different: there are free and non-free events during the festival.

No. Registration to tournaments and side-events are based on a FCFS (First Come, First Served) policy, so date and time of registration will be considered. However, for non-free tourneys, the spot will not be guaranteed until payment has been received. All the information about the payment will be provided via email - so please make sure to indicate an email you do have access to when you are registering to a tournament.

Some tourneys will have a special discounted fare for tickets, available in a limited quantity (FCFS basis). The ticket will not be guaranteed until full payment has been received. If Early birds ticket will become unavilable after the payment has been sent, organizers will contact you to either process a refund, or to kindly ask to pay the difference.

Discord is our preferred way to reach out to participants. There is a forum where you can post quesions, or reply to others maybe having your same issues. You can also reach out to organizers via e-mail, using the email addresses specified in the Team section, or writing to

On the page of each tournament, you can register to the tournament (or join the waiting list if all available slots are taken).

After registration, the payment should be sent to organizers, and proof of the payment uploaded on the website. Please make sure to clearly indicate the tournament(s) you are paying for!

After proof has been uploaded, and verified, your registration will be finally confirmed!

All communications will happen automatically over email, therefore we strongly encourage using a valid email adress at the time of registration.

Side events are generally for free (unless differently specified on the tournament page), but with limited available spots.

Registration to these events will work similarly to main events, with the difference that free events will be automatically confirmed. Due to limited avilability, please withdraw your registrations if you can't participate anymore to the side event.

Also: You do not have to register to main events to register to side events! Anyone can come, and play!

Yes - participating to Italian Nationals require players to upload their deck list - and deck photo (of the actual cards!)- on the website. Detailed Information will be sent to participants in due course.

However please bear in mind that this is mandatory! Failing to provide any of those will result in immediate disqualification.

No The website is also available in Italian 🤌🍝

If you're browser is in Italian, you should see this in Italian already - but you can always switch to your preferred language using the buttons in the top nav bar.

We are working hard to guarantee that also food and beverages will be served at the lunch breaks of the two days. We will send out confirmations, and requests for dietary requirements soon!

No. Unfortunately for this year we don't have accommodation for people travelling to Bologna, especially from abroad. We are talking to multiple venues to see if we can cut some deals for discounted prices. Please let us know your interest in case. The more, the better we can discuss with hotels to help you.

Travelling to Bologna is quite convenient, either if you are coming from other cities in Italy, or from abroad. You can take the high-speed train to Bologna station, or fly to Bologna Airport directly. Alternatively, we would recommend flying to either Rome, or Milan and take a high-speed train to Bologna. Note: There are two companies running high-speed trains in Italy: Trenitalia and Italo. Check those website in advance to get better deals on the tickets.