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Chaos Orcs Fest II Bologna'S Caldera

Sunday Chaos Draft

Side Event - Sun 07 July, 2024 - 16:30 (After Swiss Rounds)

Tournament Rules & Structure

This section contains all the information about the structure of the tournaments, the rules it will abide, and any special notes/restrictions set by the organiser.



The tournament will be Premodern Legal.

The Chaos Orcs Draft format is not the regular Booster Draft format. It is sooo much more! it is a Deck Draft Format: rather than draft cards from a booster, each player will draft a deck to play.

In more details: Organizers will provide a pool of pre-constructed decks that will made available for free to all the players. Each player will be randomly assigned one of those deck at the beginning of the tournament. And now for the Chaos part: these decks will be re-assigned among players every round, so that no one will ever play with the same deck twice. At the beginning of each round, players can take a quick look at their deck, and then start to play. Deck list will not be shared in advance, and players will only have up to two times to look at their deck before playing.


Important Info and Registration

Registrations to this event are now officially closed
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