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Team United

Bologna, Italy Sun 07 July, 2024 - 10:30

Tournament Rules & Structure

This section contains all the information about the structure of the tournaments, the rules it will abide, and any special notes/restrictions set by the organiser.




The format of the tournament will be Premodern Team Unified, based on the Premodern format. General rules, and banned cards for Premodern can be found on
For detailed information about the tournament, allowed sets, and any extra rule and/or restriction, please read the Format section below.

Gold Border/Pro Tour Cards Yes

Gold Border/Pro Tour cards include cards from World Championship Decks, Community, and International Editions, and any other promo card that is still legal in the format.

NO  Proxy Cards No

Proxy cards refer to any non-genuine or manufactured product, not originally produced by WotC.

Info & Structure

Important Dates and Registration

Registrations are now officially closed
Deck Upload Required

It is mandatory for all registered players to upload their deck info to play this tournament.

This tournament requires:
  • Deck list of cards only (No deck photo necessary!)

Instructions for deck upload will be sent by organizers via e-mail after registration. Deadline for submission : Sun 07 July 2024, 10:00

Tournament Rules, Format, and More

Format of the tournament

Premodern Team Unified (Multi-player format with 3 players per team)

Team Unified Constructed (aka Team Unified) is a multi-player regular constructed format, with only one very important constraints: the whole team shares a unique card pool. In other words, in Team United decks, no card (except for basic lands) may appear in more than four copies across the decks of the entire team.

For example, let's say one team member plays RG Goblins, including in their list 4x Mogg Fanatic, 2x Naturalize in Main + 2x Naturalize in Sideboard. The other team players will not be able to include any copies of those cards as overall the team is already playing 4 copies each. Similarly, if a player would play 2x Stifle in their deck, the whole team would still have 2 slots available to add `Stifle to their decks.

The Premodern Team Unified format will essentially combine the Team United constructed rules, with the pool of Premodern-legal cards. In Premodern Team United, every team will be composed by three players.

Allowed Sets

The tournament will allow cards from the following sets (and reprints!)

Color Legend:
  • : Core
  • : Expansion

The following special/non-english sets are also allowed:
World Championship Decks 1997;  World Championship Decks 1998;  World Championship Decks 1999;  World Championship Decks 2000;  World Championship Decks 2001;  World Championship Decks 2002;  World Championship Decks 2003; 

More details about Pairings


Pairings will be generated by randomly distributing players in multiple PODS comprising more or less the same number of players - ideally 5+.

Players in each POD will have to play against each other player in their POD.
The Top 1 or 2 players in each POD will pass to the elimination rounds.

In this schema, players don't need to wait each other to play their rounds.
They just need to play, and elimination ranking will be determined based on
`GWR`/`MWR` stats.

Each round will be 50 minutes

Additional Info


Pairings will follow POD rules, and will be done per-team. In other words, every team will face each other team, and MUs of each player within a team will be decided by the team itself

Looking for team mates ?

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Orcish Catapult

Tournament Prizes

Orcish Captain


The tournament will features prizes and memorabilia to be assigned to the best performing teams. We will announce the prize on the day of the event!