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Italian Nationals 2024


Bologna, Italy Sat 06 July, 2024

Tournament Rules & Structure

This section contains all the information about the structure of the tournaments, the rules it will abide, and any special notes/restrictions set by the organiser.




The format of the tournament will be Premodern (Gold Bordered Allowed), based on the Premodern format.
General rules, and banned cards for Premodern can be found on
For detailed information about the tournament, allowed sets, and any extra rule and/or restriction, please read the Format section below.

Gold Border/Pro Tour Cards Yes

Gold Border/Pro Tour cards include cards from World Championship Decks, Community, and International Editions, and any other promo card that is still legal in the format.

NO  Proxy Cards No

Proxy cards refer to any non-genuine or manufactured product, not originally produced by WotC.

Info & Structure

Important Dates and Registration

Registrations are open, with FCFS sign-up policy!

Registration Deadline: Wed 03 Jul 2024 23:59

Access to the tournament requires a ticket!
End of the Banding Ticket fare: Fri 14 Jun 2024 23:59

The tournament has limited capacity.
Total Spots: 128
Deck Upload Required

It is mandatory for all registered players to upload the deck list and a deck photo before the beginning of the tournament.
Instructions for deck upload will be sent by organizers in due course.

Tournament Rules, Format, and More

Format of the tournament

Premodern (Gold Bordered Allowed)

The tournament will allow cards from the following sets (and reprints!)

Color Legend:
  • : Core
  • : Expansion
  • :
  • Memorabilia, Premium_Deck, Spellbook, Promo
  • : Other

The following special/non-english sets are also allowed:
Foreign Black Border;  Summer Magic / Edgar;  Fourth Edition Foreign Black Border;  Chronicles Foreign Black Border;  Renaissance;  Rinascimento;  Portal;  Anthologies;  Deckmasters; 

Only Premodern Legal cards are allowed. The pool of cards allowed is available here.

Reprint Policy

All reprints are allowed in this format, with no restrictions on the card art nor the frame nor language.

For example:

  • Birds of Paradise 4ed is allowed (Old Art, Old Frame)
  • Birds of Paradise FBB is allowed (Old Art, Old Frame, not English)
  • Birds of Paradise 7ed is allowed (New Art, New Frame)
  • Birds of Paradise DMR is allowed (Old Art, New Frame).
  • Demonic Tutor FBB is not allowed (Not Premodern Legal)

Rules Enforcement Levels (REL) are a means to communicate to the players and judges what expectations they can have of the tournament in terms of rigidity of rules enforcement, technically correct play, and procedures used.


We will play at Regular REL. Organizers & Judges together will be there to make sure that everything flows; to answer any rules questions, or solving weird board states and disagreements.

Regular REL

Most Magicâ„¢ players play for fun and see a tournament as a social event. Regular Rules Enforcement Level encourages a welcoming atmosphere and friendly competition. Your demeanor should reflect this, whether you are playing, judging or both. Players and judges are encouraged to help one another at appropriate times, such as during deck construction or between matches. Judges are the last word when a dispute or question arises, and we should be as impartial and diplomatic as possible. Source:

More details about Pairings


Pairings will be generated using SWISS Rules, considering a number of playable rounds determined by the total number of players.


  • 09 to 16 players = 4 rounds;
  • 17 to 32 players = 5 rounds;
  • 33 to 64 players = 6 rounds;
  • 65 to 128 players = 7 rounds;
  • 129+ = 8 rounds.

Top 16, 8, or 6 will be calculated, depending on the total number of players.

New rounds (and therefore pairings) will be played as soon as all players played theirs.

Each round will be 50 minutes


Tournament Prizes

Orcish Captain


The tournament will offer many prizes as cards, custom playmats, and M:TG Memorabilia... Prizes will be assigned to the top performing players under the most "chaotic" categories! We are holding lots of surprises for you!

Stay tuned! Prizes will be announced soon!

Prizes Grid

Curious to see the chaotic prizes we are ready to offer to the most performing orcs (along with memorabilia to all participants?)

Have a sneak peek at our shiny and slimy prize grid here


Check tournament's tickets fares, and deadlines.

First Strike

First Strike
  • Full access to the tournament.
  • Free access to any side event on the same day (require separate registrations, and subject to availability).
  • Refundable until 21 Jun 24


  • Full access to the tournament.
  • Free access to any side event on the same day (require separate registrations, and subject to availability).
  • Refundable until 21 Jun 24


  • Full access to the tournament.
  • Free access to any side event on the same day (require separate registrations, and subject to availability).
  • Refundable until 21 Jun 24